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Located near the shores of the Great Lakes in Northwestern Indiana, Merrillville lies amidst some of the largest steel-making and manufacturing centers in the country. In contrast to its neighbors, however, Merrillville is known today as a center of the retail industry.
Merrillville lawyers can help you withbankruptcy, real estate, personal injury, criminal defense, and many others legal issues you may be facing.
Merrillville attorneys find themselves on both sides of a recent lawsuit against a collection agency. Lawyers in Merrillville are suing a rival law firm and a debt collection company, alleging that they are illegally threatening debtors with the collection of attorney fees. Collecting attorney fees in a collection action is often prohibited, and most credit card companies prohibit their collection agencies from doing so.
Attorneys in Merrillville should be familiar with the Lake County Court System. Merrillville lawyers will know local judges, court staff, and other attorneys in the area. Even if your case does not proceed to trial, this familiarity could help you favorably resolve your case.
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