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Learn More About Bridgeport, CT

The biggest city in Connecticut, Bridgeport has many claims to historical fame. Bridgeport was a center for privateering during the late 1700s, a type of government financed piracy that plagued the Atlantic during the colonial era. Bridgeport also claims to be the town that invented the Frisbee, named after the local Frisbee Pie Company. Circus promoter P.T. Barnum also called Bridgeport his home, housing his circus in town during Connecticut’s harsh cold winters.

Bridgeport lawyers can represent you in any legal matter you may be facing. These include criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, family law, real estate transactions, and many others.

The city of Bridgeport was recently sued by a state trooper over a dog bite. When Connecticut state trooper Joseph Diaz followed a suspected stolen car into Bridgeport, he was bitten on the hand by a local police dog named Sampson.  Mr. Diaz then sued Bridgeport for the animal bite, claiming that Sampson had a history of being violent towards his handlers and that the city should have known that the dog posed a dangerous risk to police officers.  Bridgeport’s city attorney and Mr. Diaz’s lawyers are currently discussing a potential settlement.

Regardless of what kind of lawsuit you have, you will want an attorney who is qualified and knows your rights. Qualified lawyers in Bridgeport will know the various rules of courts within the Fairfield/Bridgeport Judicial District. These courts are split into criminal, family, and juvenile divisions, with each division requiring special procedures and guidelines that an experienced Bridgeport attorney will understand.

If you need help finding a qualified attorney in Bridgeport, is the only resource you will need. Our free service will match you to qualified, experienced Bridgeport lawyers. After inputting some basic background information about your case into our confidential database, our service will match you to Bridgeport lawyers that specialize in your type of issue. Our invaluable client comments and attorney profiles will further enable you to make the right decision in hiring your advocate.

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