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Learn More About Branford, CT

Eight miles east of New Haven, located on Long Island Sound in New Haven County is Branford, CT. The town has a total area of 28 square miles, 22 of which is land. The town has several bodies of water and two different harbors. Branford was largely a resort area between the mid 19th century until the early 20th century but has become much more like a Northeastern suburb over the past several decades.
Branford lawyers saturate the town and specialize in many familiar legal fields. The attorneys of the area vary in expertise and focus on areas of law including intellectual property, immigration, drunk driving, drug crimes, family law and much more.
In a recent case, two residents of Branford found themselves in a land dispute. The defendants in the case purchased their property in 2004 and discovered, in a 2005 survey, that they were the true owners of two and a half feet of land that the plaintiff possessed. The attorneys in this case had to be well versed in adverse possession law, trespass law and nuisance law. The court ultimately quieted property in favor of the plaintiff who obtained rightful title through adverse possession.
Cases in Branford, CT will be originally heard in New Haven Superior Court. Any lawyer who wishes to build a successful case in Branford must have knowledge of the law and the court system of the area.
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For more information on Branford’s laws and judicial system, please visit the following public sites:
·         State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
·         Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries
·         New Haven Superior Court

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