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Learn More About New London County, CT

New London County was one of the four original counties established in Connecticut in 1666.   One of the attractions many tourists come to see in Connecticut is the natural waterfalls in the state. New London County has the upper and lower Ayers Falls, the Silver Falls, and the Yantic Falls.
There are many experienced New London County lawyers that are versed in areas of law such as personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, business, contracts, employment, sexual harassment, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, alimony, wills, real estate, and many more.
The city of New London in New London County was at the center grounds for one of the most important constitutional cases in the past decade. In reaction to the city’s eminent domain taking of her property for the use in a redevelopment project, Susette Kelo challenged the taking arguing that a government body could not take land away from a private party and give it to another private party. She lost in every state court, and eventually the case went to the United States Supreme Court, which sided with the city in New London County, ruling that because there was a legitimate government interest in making the area economically viable again, the taking of Kelo’s land was constitutional. Since that time, the developer who the land was supposed to be given to defaulted and never obtained the funding he was promised he would get for the project, and Kelo’s home was relocated closer to downtown New London.
If you have a case in New London County, you will probably have to file it in the superior court of the New London Judicial District. Going to trial is quite difficult for a person who is not experienced in law, but a local attorney can be your guide through the process.
When you are ready to find a great New London County lawyer to take your case, is here to help you. We provide you with a free online service that you can use to quickly and easily get matched to an attorney in your area that has represented clients in situations like yours before. Best of all, you get to read attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to make a decision.
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