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Top 10 Dog Bite Articles in the LegalMatch Law Library

Only about one person per year dies of a spider bite in the United States. Meanwhile, dog bites kill 30 people or more in the United States every year. Apparently, the human catalogue of primal fears forgot to include fluffy, long-tongued brutes we naively refer to as "man’s best friend."

If you spend some time browsing the websites of personal injury attorneys, you will notice that many of them actually list "dog bites" among their standard areas of practice. That’s another strike against dogs. They may look fluffy and cute, but they’re out there right this moment causing law suits all over the country. If a moral can be learned from the following list of Top 10 Dog Bite Articles, maybe it’s that we should all give up our dogs and keeping poisonous spiders as pets instead?

1. Animal Attack Lawyers

Animals have minds of their own. However, under the current state of our legal system, it is not possible to sue an animal directly. Instead, you must sue the animal’s owner. If you are an animal owner yourself, this means that you might want to consider placing a strong collar on your animal’s wild mind while enforcing a short leash policy, too.

2. What to Do If You Are a Victim of a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

If you have suffered an injury from a dog, you can’t simply throw a net over the creature and haul it into court to receive justice. Despite the mistreatments you have suffered from a wild beast, we still live in a civilized society. Certain steps must be taken. First you must read this article. Then you should probably find a qualified attorney.

3. Options for Dog Bite Victims

As a good American, you shouldn’t let your ankles be bitten off by your neighbor’s crazy pets without at least suing for the compensation of your medical expenses. This article answers several key questions, including: "Who can I sue?" and "What can I sue for?"

4. Dog Bites Owner Liability

Despite your best intentions as the loving owner of pit bulls, Rottweilers, and wolf hybrids, you will in fact be sued for each and every human limb that goes missing and is found buried on your premises. Although it is not mentioned directly in this article, it is strongly implied that you should consider trading in your herd of deadly beasts for a less aggressive breed, such as the poodle.

5. Injuries Caused by Police Dogs

Similar to many members of law enforcement, police dogs have been known to go above and beyond the call of duty, resulting in serious mischief. If you find yourself the victim of a police dog’s unfair brutality, follow your instincts and go find yourself a good attorney.

6. Dangerous Dogs in California

If you live in California, you will find that the dogs in California are particularly dangerous to you, since they are closest. However, lucky for you, you probably don’t have to worry about being bitten by the dogs in any of the other 49 states, unless you venture beyond your state borders.

7. Owner Liability for Dog Bites or Attacks

As this article explains, dog bites are usually strict liability offenses. It’s very similar to getting a speeding ticket even if you didn’t realize that you were going 50 in a 25 zone. Your excuses don’t matter.

8. Statute of Limitations for Animal Bites

The moral of this article is that, if you incur a serious dog bite, don’t wait around for your wounds to heal. Initiate your lawsuit first, then worry about healing. Otherwise, if too much time passes, you might lose your ability to sue.

9. Dog Attack Criminal Liability

If you face criminal charges for the misdeeds of your dog, you can at least take comfort in knowing that you may not actually be a terrible person, since you didn’t directly cause any harm. Instead, you probably just have terrible karma (or bad luck picking out your pets).

10. Leash Laws

Historians presume that the dog leash has been around since humans began to domesticate dogs. This occurred prior to the development of written language. In other words, the dog leash pre-dates recorded history. Most leash laws, however, are fairly recent. Each state currently upholds its own laws concerning the proper use for this ancient device.

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