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Learn More About West Haven, CT

West Haven is a New Haven County city that was settled as a colony in 1648. In 1961 West Haven was incorporated as a city, making it one of the oldest settlements, but the newest municipality in Connecticut. West Haven’s National Register of Historic Places include the American Mills Web Shop, Old West Haven High School, Union School, Ward-Heitman House, and the West Haven Green Historic District.
West Haven plays host to a number of talented lawyers who know local court procedures. Lawyers in West Haven take all different kinds of cases, some examples include: criminal cases, personal injury actions, writing a will or creating a trust, family law disputes like divorce, and bankruptcy cases.
The city of West Haven has agreed to settle a wrongful death and excessive force lawsuit filed against the police department. Gary Tyson was an 18 year old boy who had gotten involved in a fight and fled the scene. West Haven Police pursued the boy, setting a police dog free that bit him repeatedly before Tyson was killed by a truck when attempting to cross the I-95 highway. The city of West Haven has agreed to pay the Tyson Family $392,000 in the settlement.
If you have criminal charges pending against you in West Haven, you will probably be summoned by the Criminal Division of the New Haven Superior Court in Waterbury. The different divisions of the Superior Court handle most cases in West Haven. Divorce, child custody and support issues are handled by the Family Division and lawsuits are filed with the Civil Division. Connecticut has a separate Probate Court which handles trusts, estates, guardianship, conservators, name changes, passports, and civil commitment cases.
If you are looking for a lawyer in West Haven, LegalMatch is the simple solution. LegalMatch will pair you with bar certified West Haven lawyers for free while providing a number of research tools in the LegalCenter, including: provides forums, a newsletter, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, a legal blawg, and an online law library.
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