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Learn More About Greenwich, CT

The town of Greenwich is the southernmost municipality in Connecticut and is also one of the states wealthiest communities. In 2005, Money magazine ranked the town 12th out of its list on the 100 best places to live. Many hedge funds and other financial service companies transferred to Greenwich from Manhattan to escape the busy city life. With many great beaches to visit during the summer, and beautiful snowy landscapes in the winter, it is not hard to see why Greenwich is a great place to be.
If you need legal assistance in Greenwich, there are a number of experienced Greenwich lawyers ready to help you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including tax, bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, DUI, criminal defense, automobile accidents, and more.
A group of Greenwich citizens are seeking to file a class action suit against a local hospital. The group of plaintiffs, all female, is alleging that the Greenwich-area hospital knowingly allowed a surgeon to continue to practice medicine even though the hospital knew that the surgeon had a drug addiction problem. One of the Greenwich patients had seen the doctor for a breast augmentation after her fight with breast cancer. The surgery was botched by the surgeon and resulted in the woman having to have another mastectomy. Eight other former patients joined the Greenwich woman in her lawsuit against the hospital alleging that the medical center was grossly negligent in allowing the surgeon to continue to practice medicine while knowing of his drug addition. Their suit is awaiting class-action certification.
Greenwich is served by three judicial districts: Fairfield, Stamford-Norwalk, and Danbury. Each of these judicial districts has a superior court which has both a criminal and civil division. When you have to submit court documents in any of these courts, a Greenwich attorney can assist you in filing your legal papers.
If you need help finding a great Greenwich lawyer for your case, look no further than When you visit our site you get access to a wealth of knowledge in our LegalCenter, and great hints and tips on finding the right lawyer. Additionally, if you submit your case into our system, qualified local attorneys will contact you about representation. There’s no reason to wait any more, check out LegalMatch today!
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