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Learn More About Torrington, CT

Torrington is a Litchfield County city that is home to about 38,000 people. Torrington is best known for the Warner Theatre which seats 1,700 and was constructed by the Warner Brothers Film Studio. Torrington has recently seen much redevelopment and restoration.
Lawyers in Torrington are familiar with local courts; some typical cases that Torrington lawyers take include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, estate administration, civil lawsuits, divorce, and wrongful termination cases.
The Torrington School Board recently settled a $125,000 countersuit by Matthew Valenti. Valenti was fired by the Torrington School Board during a 2007 investigation by the Connecticut School Board, Torrington Police, and the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families which stemmed from an allegation that he viewed child pornography on a school computer. Valenti was cleared of all charges and filed a lawsuit to be compensated for the violation of his rights when details of the allegations went public.
If you are filing a lawsuit in Torrington, you will probably be visiting the Litchfield Superior Court and filing with the Civil Division. Connecticut courts have many different divisions with which to file including the Family Division, covering domestic issues like divorce and child custody, and the Criminal Division which is responsible for summoning people to the appropriate criminal court.
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