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Learn More About Enfield, CT

Enfield is a Hartford County town that is home to such historical sights as the Strand Theater. Enfield is also home to a number of parks and associations like the Enfield Ultimate Frisbee Association.
The talented lawyers that live in Enfield are know local court procedures. Lawyers in Enfield take a broad range of cases including: child custody, bankruptcy, wrongful termination, civil cases, as well as drafting wills and trusts.
New England Pellett LLC of Enfield has been named in a lawsuit filed by the attorney general’s office. The lawsuit alleges that co-owners, Stephen Zaczynski and Jason Tynan, accepted orders at their Enfield business for wood pellets that they knew could not be filled. The attorney general’s office says they know of at least 194 customers who are owed more than $139,000 in unfilled orders. The lawsuit is seeking to prohibit Zaczynski and Tynan from selling home heating products ever again as well as restitution for cheated customers.
If you are filing for divorce in Enfield, you’ll likely be visiting the Hartford Superior Court in Hartford. For divorce, child custody, and other domestic issues you will file with the Family Division; however, adoption cases are handled by the Connecticut Probate Court. Criminal charges are handled by summoning you to the Criminal Division. Lawsuits are most likely to be filed with the superior court’s Civil Division.
There is no better way to find an Enfield lawyer than LegalMatch. LegalMatch is a free method of pairing you with pre-screened local attorneys for free. There are forums on nearly every legal issue and even a great section with tips on selecting the best lawyer.
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