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Learn More About Danbury, CT

Danbury, also known as “Hat City,” is a city in Fairfield County that was once the center of hat production in the United States. The city gets its name from the original settlers who were from Danbury Essex in England.
Danbury is home to lawyers that are know many areas of law such as green cards, workplace disputes, divorce child custody, bankruptcy, and DUI cases. Lawyers in Danbury are qualified to consult you on any legal issue and are very familiar with local courts and procedures.
Danbury has been topping the news recently with coverage of the Danbury Eleven. A lawsuit has been filed against the United States Department of Homeland Security over the methods which local Danbury Police and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents have been employing to roundup potential illegal immigrants. The Danbury Eleven were allegedly baited into a van on promises of construction work. As it stands, nine of the eleven have been released; however, five were sent to Texas immigration detention centers and one was simply left by the side of the road.
If you are looking to resolve immigration issues in Danbury, you will visit the Immigration Court in Hartford. The Danbury Judicial District Superior Court is the venue for most Danbury cases. Divorces and other domestic issues are settled by the Family Division; criminal cases are heard by the Criminal Division; and lawsuits are heard by the Civil Division. There are many different divisions and it’s important that you file with the correct division so that your case is not thrown out.
Bar certified LegalMatch lawyers know Danbury court procedures and will be able to solve most legal issues that you may face. LegalMatch also offers an online LegalCenter which has legal resources like an online law library and forums that are helpful for learning more about your specific legal issue. The services are free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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