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The fourth largest city in the state, Stamford, CT was deeded by Native Americans to European settlers in 1640. In 1692, Stamford was also home to a lesser-well known witch trial which occurred near the time of the trials held in Salem, MA. Bordered by Long Island Sound, Stamford began to attract residents beginning in the 1900s from neighboring New York who settled along its shores. Today, this community is a thriving urban center with Fortune 500 companies such as the Thomson Corp., World Wrestling Entertainment, and Time Warner Cable intermingled with attractions such as the 83-acre Cove Island Park, the Stamford Center for the Arts, and the Connecticut Grand Opera.
This community attracts a number of well-known and successful Stamford lawyers. Stamford lawyers are experienced in handling a variety of legal matters, including business disputes, criminal charges, intellectual property disputes, real estate transactions, personal injury cases, and wills trusts and estates.
Stamford lawyers recently litigated a lawsuit against former Connecticut governor John Rowland.  Former state government employees and their unions hired Stamford attorneys to sue Mr. Rowland in his capacity as the governor of Connecticut for targeting employees that were members of the unions during the 2002 layoffs. The employees were allegedly targeted because their unions supported the Democratic candidate in the 2002 governor’s race, which is is a violation of the employees’ civil rights. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit agreed with the former state employees, a decision that Mr. Rowland is currently appealing to the Supreme Court of the United States.
The Connecticut court system is composed of probate courts, superior courts, appellate courts, and the state supreme court. Lawyers in Stamford usually argue their cases in Stamford Probate Court, Stamford Superior Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A local Stamford attorney can provide advice on which court should receive your case as well as any special procedural rules of that court.
When your legal issue requires the assistance of a Stamford lawyer, consider Our website provides tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on various legal topics of interest. Our free service also provides you with access to our database of pre-screened and qualified local lawyers experienced with your type of legal issue. Let LegalMatch help ease the confusion and frustration involved in finding the right attorney for your case.
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