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When Is an Owner Liable for Dog Bites or Attacks?

The laws regarding a dog bite depend on the state where the dog bite occurred. Dog bite laws vary by state, but usually give those injured a legal advantage. 

How Is the Owner's Knowledge of the Dog's Dangerous Propensities Proved?
It can be difficult to prove whether or not the owner knew of his or her dog's vicious tendencies. The following are factors which are commonly used to demonstrate this knowledge:

Which Breeds Are Considered Most Dangerous?
Sometimes, even when there is no evidence that the owner actually knew the dog had vicious tendencies, he or she may still be held responsible for a bite if the particular breed of dog is known to be dangerous. The breeds generally considered to be most dangerous are:

Are There Any Defenses to Dog Bite Claims?
Owners sometimes have defenses when their dogs bite others. These defenses may not apply in strict liability states. Examples include:

Can Other People Besides the Dog Owner Be Held Responsible?
Animal owners are not the only people who can be held responsible for animal bites. Here are a few common scenarios where someone other than the animal's owner could be held liable for an animal bite:

Should I Consult a Lawyer about a Dog Bite?

Dog bites can be very serious and can have serious consequences. Since dog bite laws vary from state to state, you should consult a lawyer with experience in animal or personal injury law if you have been bitten or if your dog has bitten someone else. This attorney can help explore your options, rights, and legal defenses. 

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