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Learn More About Manchester, CT

Manchester, CT, incorporated in 1823, is located in Harford County with a population of 55,000. English colonists became the first settlers in 1672, and they quickly utilized the area’s rivers and brooks to build paper, lumber, and textile manufacturing facilities.
Today Manchester has become the headquarters for insurance, financial services, aerospace, health care, and information technology businesses. Manchester hosts the Manchester Road Race which attracts 10,000 participants yearly, second in New England only to the Boston Marathon. The city is also home to numerous historic structures, including the Fire Museum (a restored 1901 firehouse building) and the mills, homes, and workers quarters of the  Cheney Brothers Historic District. Additional area attractions include the Lutz Children’s Museum, the Oak Grove Nature Center, and over 1,000 acres of park land.
There are also a large number of Manchester lawyers who make this community their home. Manchester lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters involving real estate, personal injury, crime, employment, wills trust and estates, as well as any other you may encounter.
Lawyers in Manchester recently argued a lawsuit brought by U.S. government against Manchester Memorial Hospital. According to the lawsuit, the hospital fraudulently billed Medicare for infusion therapy and chemotherapy services, billing between two to nine services per patient. Manchester Memorial was only permitted to bill for one service per visit; the lawsuit claimed the billing practices were in violation of the U.S. False Claims Act. The lawsuit was settled in Dec. 2008, with the hospital agreeing to pay $712,000 to settle the allegations.
The Connecticut judicial system is structured as probate courts, superior courts, appellate courts, and a Supreme Court. Lawyers in Manchester may argue a case in the Manchester Probate Court, the Hartford Judicial District Superior Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A Manchester lawyer can provide guidance on any special rules associated with the courts. can assist in your search for a Manchester attorney. Our website contains helpful tips on selecting the right lawyer, as well as general information on a number of legal topics. LegalMatch’s free service also pre-screens Manchester lawyers with a proven track record in your legal area of need. Let LegalMatch pair you with the Manchester lawyer who is right for your unique case.
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