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Learn More About East Hartford, CT

East Hartford is a Hartford County town that was known to Native Americans as Podunk. East Hartford is home to a Coca-Cola bottling plant, world headquarters of Pratt & Whitney which is part of United Technologies, and the extensive Wickham Park.
East Hartford also plays host to a number of talented local lawyers who take a wide array of cases. Lawyers in East Hartford are familiar with Hartford County court procedures; some examples of typical cases East Hartford lawyers take include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, wrongful termination, estate administration, personal injury, and divorce.
An East Hartford lawyer recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ricky Frink for a botched home raid. The lawsuit names 10 East Hartford officers, a sergeant, and Chief Mark J. Sirois as responsible for the raid that forced Frink to lay face down in the snow handcuffed while officers rummaged through his house in search of another man. Frink maintains in the lawsuit that the officers admitted they’d invaded the wrong house.
If you’re planning on filing a lawsuit in East Hartford, you’ll probably be visiting the Hartford County Courthouse. Connecticut courts are separated into topic specific divisions with which you must file. Lawsuits are normally filed with the Civil Division, family matters like divorce and custody are filed with the Family Division, and criminal charges will result in a summon from the Criminal Division.
LegalMatch is a free pairing service that will pair you with the most capable East Hartford lawyers available. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter has a lot of great reference materials if you want to learn more about your particular legal issue. With the online law library on family law and business law, and more narrowed topics like child custody and wrongful termination, there’s something there for everyone.
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