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Connecticut defense lawyer,Connecticut family lawyers,Connecticut defense attorney,Connecticut employment attorneysConnecticut’s court system consists of a Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Superior Court, and Probate Court. Over 19,000 Connecticut lawyers practice in these courts. In order to practice within Connecticut, attorneys must graduate from an ABA-accredited law school, pass a vigorous bar examination, background check, and professional responsibility examination.

The Organization of Americans for Legal Reform (HALT) ranks Connecticut 1st in the nation for attorney accountability. Connecticut quickly processes complaints from aggrieved clients, has an open disciplinary process, and is the only state in the nation that allows clients to appeal dismissal rulings against their former attorneys.

Connecticut has put its stamp permanently on Constitutional jurisprudence. The case of Connecticut v. Griswold was the seminal case defining a right to privacy in the United States. The progeny of Griswold includes other landmark cases such as Roe v. Wade, Lawrence v. Texas, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

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As a part of New England, Connecticut has its fair share of Blue Laws. Blue Laws are laws which predominantly stem from New England’s historic puritan tradition. They generally enforce religious ideals or proscribe behavior considered morally suspect to puritans of the 17th century. Among other things, these laws prevent alcohol from being sold on Sundays or past 8 PM, and until the 1970s prevented any store from being open on Sundays at all. Retail stores are still prohibited from being open on Thanksgiving and Christmas in Connecticut.

Travelers in New England often breathe a sigh of relief when going through Connecticut. It is the only state in New England without toll booths, sparing travelers the necessity of carrying extra cash or worrying about successfully throwing their quarters into the yellow change bins.

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