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Learn More About Norwalk, CT

Connecticut’s sixth largest city, Norwalk is nationally renowned for its oysters and its annual Oyster Fest. Norwalk is home to the largest oyster producer in the nation and has been a leading producer of shellfish since the 1800s.
Norwalk lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, and many more.
Attorneys in Norwalk recently settled a lawsuit over a disputed part of Norwalk’s Wall St. Park. A small portion of the park was owned by a local group of commissioners, but Norwalk was allowing a construction firm to use the land as a staging area. The city was sued and the settlement removed the construction crew from the grounds.
Lawyers in Norwalk will know the various rules of courts within the Fairfield Judicial District. These courts are split into, family, juvenile and criminal divisions, with each division requiring special procedures and guidelines that an experienced Norwalk attorney will understand.
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