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David Mullany’s invention, the Wiffle Ball, isn’t the only thing that distinguishes Shelton as a standout city. Shelton plays host to many prominent companies like Cartier USA, Bic Incorporated, and Perkin-Elmer who developed the Hubble Space Telescope’s optical components.
Shelton is also home to many reputable lawyers who are able to advise you on any legal issue that you may face. Lawyers in Shelton are knowledgeable of local courts and take a variety of cases, including intellectual property, child custody, divorce, estate administration, as well as wills and trusts.
A Shelton company (BrandDirect) recently settled lawsuits filed by Washington and Connecticut because of deceptive telemarketing practices that misused confidential financial information. The settlement totaled just short of $13 million with $11 million going to restitution to harmed parties and $1.9 million for penalties, fees, and consumer education funds.
If you are filing a lawsuit in Shelton, you’ll be visiting the Fairfield Judicial District Superior Court in Bridgeport. The superior court has exclusive jurisdiction over marriage dissolution, criminal, traffic violations, and tort cases. The Shelton Probate Court is exclusively responsible for hearing probate/estate and adoption cases. It’s important to have a Shelton lawyer who is familiar with local superior and probate courts when filing.
LegalMatch provides a great selection of bar certified lawyers, as well as a number of legal resources for preliminary research. The online law library probably will not solve your legal issue but it will help you gain a better understanding of your specific legal issue.
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