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Learn More About Wallingford, CT

Wallingford, CT was created in 1667 when the Connecticut General Assembly authorized the “making of a village on the east river” for 38 planters and freemen. The city was formally incorporated in 1670 with about 126 settlers, rising to prominence in the 19th century due to the quality of its silversmith industry. The city was home to inventor and publisher Moses Yale Beach, founder of the Associated Press, and Lyman Hall, one of the signers of Declaration of Independence; today the city boasts 43,000 residents.
Numerous Wallingford lawyers have chosen to work in this region. Wallingford lawyers have the skills and background necessary to successfully handle business, employment, immigration, real estate, wills trust and estates, and any other legal matter that you may face.
Lawyers in Wallingford were recently involved on both sides of a dispute involving the Blue Ridge gun range. The lawsuit, filed by local residents, alleged that bullets from the rifle range struck their homes located nearby, causing property damage and unsafe living conditions. The lawsuit seeks to shut the range down. Owners of the range argue that hunters in the nearby forest may have instead caused the damage, but voluntarily shut down operations to attempt to add more safety improvements as a preventative measure. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Wallingford is part of the Connecticut court system. Attorneys in Wallingford may argue a case in the Wallingford Probate District, the New Haven Superior Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, or the Connecticut Supreme Court. A local Wallingford attorney can help to determine where your case should be filed and inform you of any special rules of the court. can pair you with a Wallingford lawyer who has experience in handling your type of legal issue. Our website also provides general information and tips on selecting the right attorney and popular legal topics. Finding the right lawyer can make a difference in the successful outcome of your case. Don’t take a chance by randomly selecting an attorney – let LegalMatch help you make an informed decision.
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