Why LegalMatch is Better than Using the Local Bar Association
Authored by LegalMatch Law Library Managing Editor, , Attorney at Law

Clients Prefer LegalMatch to Local Bar Association Referrals

Choice and Bar Association Referrals

In the past, if you needed to find an attorney, most people used the Yellow Pages or contacted their local Bar Association. But the Yellow Pages are just a big confusing mass of ads. Anyone can buy a Yellow Page ad. Ads give you no information besides the lawyers' names and phone numbers. How do you know which one to call? And who knows if the lawyers even have a license? Your local Bar Association's referral service continues to be a respected source of lawyer referrals. Bar Associations will always make sure that the lawyer they refer to you is licensed and in good standing. But most Bar Association referrals will cost you $20-35 for the next attorney name off their rotating list. If you want to have a choice of many interested lawyers or detailed information about the lawyer you choose, referral services are not for you.

LegalMatch realized there had to be a better way: one that enabled the average person to make an informed decision in finding the right attorney for their case. When LegalMatch launched in 2000, its goal was to revolutionize the way people found a lawyer by streamlining the process long monopolized by the Yellow Pages and local Bar Associations.

Using LegalMatch has significant benefits that the Yellow Pages or local Bar Associations simply cannot offer:

  1. All LegalMatch attorneys have been prescreened. This means they have a valid license, are in good standing with their state bar association, have good references, and no serious disciplinary problems. The Yellow Pages will sell anyone an ad.
  2. LegalMatch only matches you to attorneys who practice the kind of law you need. The Yellow Pages makes you do all the legwork, wasting your precious time only to discover the attorney you're speaking with doesn't handle cases like yours.
  3. LegalMatch gives you detailed information about every attorney. Want to know where an attorney went to law school? Specific cases they've handled? How much the attorney charges? Ratings from other clients who hired this attorney? You won't find any of this information in the Yellow Pages or from your Bar Association.
  4. LegalMatch allows you to choose the attorney that's right for you. Your local Bar Association is only going to give you one (and only one) attorney to choose from.
  5. LegalMatch allows you to remain completely confidential throughout the process. From the comfort of your work or home, you can anonymously post your legal matter; prospective attorneys will see the facts of your case, but not your name. The Yellow Pages and Bar Associations require you to spend hours on the telephone and in lawyers' offices, speaking with people about your case.
  6. If you decide to hire a LegalMatch lawyer (there is no obligation), your choice is backed up by a $1,000-$5,000 Satisfaction Guarantee. With the Yellow Pages or your local Bar Association, there are no guarantees.

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LegalMatch has extensive information regarding individual state bar associations:

Over 98% of LegalMatch clients said they would use LegalMatch again and recommend it to their friends. There is no doubt that LegalMatch is the superior way to find a lawyer. The Yellow Pages and Bar Associations offer worthwhile options, but for consumers who value information and choice, LegalMatch is the best choice you can make.