Legal Matching is Better Than Attorney Referral Services
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Legal Matching is Better Than Attorney Referral Services

The Truth About Attorney Referral Services

In the past, if you wanted to find an attorney, most people used an attorney referral service operated by the local city or county bar association. You called them up, told them about your legal matter, and they gave you the name of an attorney to speak with.

But did you know that the attorney given to you by the lawyer referral service was really just the next attorney in line to get a case? Referral services keep a large database of member attorneys, and simply give out the next lawyer name on a rotating basis without considering your specific legal needs.

LegalMatch realized there was a better way to find an attorney; one that allowed people to make informed decisions when choosing the right attorney for their case. When LegalMatch began in 2001, its purpose was to revolutionize how people found a lawyer, by streamlining the method long monopolized by inefficient attorney referral services.

Some of the benefits of LegalMatch over lawyer referral services include:

  1. LegalMatch provides detailed information about all prospective attorneys. When you call a lawyer referral program, all you get is a name and phone number. With LegalMatch, you'll know the attorney's educational history (both law school and undergraduate education), specific legal experiences, what cases they're handled, how much they charge in legal fees, and ratings from other clients the attorney previously represented.
  2. LegalMatch gives you a second opinion… and a third… and a fourth, etc. Attorney referral services only give you one attorney with one point of view. LegalMatch gives you perspectives and price quotes from several different attorneys.
  3. Save time with LegalMatch by only stating your legal matter once. If you shop around using multiple attorney referral service attorneys, you may find yourself repeating the facts over and over again.
  4. LegalMatch keeps you in the driver's seat; you decide which attorney (if any) you'd like to speak with. Your local attorney lawyer referral service is only giving you one attorney to choose from.
  5. Your personal information will remain completely confidential throughout the LegalMatch process. From your work or home, LegalMatch allows you to anonymously post your legal matter for all prospective attorneys - without seeing your name or contact information. Lawyer referral services will require you to disclose your name and telephone number, and the attorney they refer you to will automatically know your contact information, regardless of whether you hire them.
  6. LegalMatch backs up all their attorneys with a $1,000-$5,000 Satisfaction Guarantee. With an attorney referral service, there are no guarantees.

There is no question: compared to lawyer referral services, LegalMatch is the best way to find a lawyer.

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