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Kitsap County was named after Chief Kitsap of the Suquamish tribe. The United States Navy is the largest employer in the county with many installations there. Kitsap is connected to the more populous eastern shore of Puget Sound by the many ferry lines that run across the body of water.

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If you have been injured in Kitsap County or have some other reason that you need to talk to an attorney, there are many qualified Kitsap County lawyers who are ready to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including personal injury, wills, real estate, trusts, divorce, contracts, employment, business, DUI, criminal defense, and more.

One death row inmate who killed a twelve-year-old girl in Kitsap County is part of a legal team of inmates in Washington that have filed a lawsuit seeking to overhaul the death sentence system in the state. The lawsuit claims that the three intravenous drugs that are used by the state to first render the inmate unconscious, and then stop the breathing and the heart of the inmate constitutes an unconstitutional punishment. However, the inmate who killed the Kitsap County girl as well as the rest of the legal team has been unsuccessful so far. The trial judge who originally heard the case ruled that the punishment is designed to be humane and provide dignity to the inmate in his last moments. The death row inmates are expected to appear this ruling.

The local attorneys in Kitsap County regularly practice in both the Kitsap County District Court as well as the Kitsap County Superior Court. If your case will be filed in this county, you will most likely end up at one of these courts. You should have an attorney by your side who knows how these courts operate.

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