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Learn More About Savannah, GA

Savannah is home to one of the nations most extensive historic districts. Visitors flock to the city every year to enjoy Savannah’s famous southern charm and marvel at the city’s 33 acres of original southern architecture.

There are many great attractions to check out.  Such attractions include Tybee Island, Tybee Island Light Station, the Isle of Hope, Hutchinson Island, the First Bryan Baptist Church, Sorrel Weed House, William ScarbroughHouse,Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens, the Outland Island Education Center, the Mercer-Williams House, the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge,Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski National Monument, and the Savannah Civic Center.

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Alongside beautiful land and great attractions, Savannah also has a thriving legal industry.  Savannah lawyers practice in Chatham County. They are familiar with the county’s various courts, including Savannah’s Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts. Attorneys in Savannah routinely handle criminal cases, family law matters, contract disputes, and real estate transactions.

Savannah lawyers also regularly deal with personal injury cases. Recent cases in Savannah include a million dollar settlement for injuries from a tractor trailer collision, a lawsuit stemming from heart failure due to pharmaceuticals, and a wrongful death case against a food supplement company.

Instead of making a stab in the dark with your local phonebook, let help you make the smart decision in hiring your Savannah attorney. can match you with an attorney, at no cost to you. also gives you the ability to view your attorney’s case history, browse user reviews, and make a confident and informed decision in choosing your advocate.

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