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Learn More About Greene County, MO

Greene County is located in Southwestern Missouri and is home to the city of Springfield, one of Missouri’s largest cities. Organized in 1833, Greene County bears the name of Nathaniel Greene, a famous general and war hero of the American Revolutionary War. As of 2010, the population for Greene County, MO is estimated to be 275,174 making Greene County the fourth most populous county in the state of Missouri. Greene County, MO is notably known to have a predominant control in political supporting the Republican Party

Greene County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including personal injury, real estate, family law, criminal defense, and many more.

In the News: Greene County is currently being sued by a local firefighter who was involved in a tragic collision with a local police officer. The two were both responding to an emergency call and collided in an intersection, with the police officer dying from his injuries. After the family of the deceased officer filed a prior lawsuit against the firefighter, the firefighter is now counter-suing the police officer for his injuries.

Information About the Greene County, Missouri Legal System

Cases such as this generally begin in the Greene County Court system. Your Greene County attorney should know the ins and outs of this system, as the correct understanding of court procedure is often the difference between winning and losing your case. Greene County has different types of consolidated circuit courts to hear cases that are divided into 17 divisions. Greene County has 5-Circuit Courts, 6-Associate Courts, 4-Family Courts, 1-Drug Court, and 1-Probate Court. Most civil claims are brought in The Circuit Courts, criminal and juvenile cases are heard Associate Courts.

Greene County offers many services and resources that provide more legal information and general information that could be helpful in your case. For more general information on the law of Greene County and Missouri, check out the following links:


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