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Learn More About St. Peters, MO

St. Peters is located in St. Charles County in the state of Missouri. It was officially incorporated as early as 1910 and boasts a population of over 64,000.
Some popular areas of interest in St. Peters are the Mid Rivers Mall, which is currently the largest shopping center in St. Charles County. The “Rec-Plex” is also located in St. Peters. Over 230,000 square feet in size, the Rec-Plex is an athletic training and family recreation center. In 2004 the U.S. Olympic Team held its diving trials at the Rec-Plex, which is considered to be one of the U.S.’ top diving facilities.
St. Peters has been given many accolades and awards, including being named the top place to live in Missouri in 2008, and being named a Tree City” by the National Arbor Day Foundation for 12 straight years. To qualify as a Tree City, a city must pass various forestry protection standards as well maintain tree-planting activities.
Recently St. Peters has been the focus of attention in legal news regarding a 2009 cyberbullying case. A 40-year old woman was charged with the first felony charge in the county under a new anti-cyberbullying and harassment statute that was passed the previous August. The woman was found to have been posting offensive pictures of a 17-year old girl on Craigslist.   The new cyberbullying law makes it a felony for any person over 21 to communicate with a victim that is 17 years old or younger in a manner that causes emotional distress. The law, which covers electronic communications such as texts and e-mails, was drafted in response to a prior case involving a local teen who had committed suicide over cyberbullying issues.
The recent St. Peters cyberbullying case illustrates how important it is for people to keep pace with changes in the law. Legal issues involving the latest innovations in technology can often require the services of a professional such as an attorney. If you feel that you are involved in a legal dispute of any kind in the St. Peters area, can help you find the right attorney. LegalMatch is an online company that matches clients with lawyers for free.
Legal disputes arising in the St. Peters area can be filed in the St. Peters Municipal Court located at One St. Peters Centre Blvd. The municipal court has jurisdiction over cases which involved violations of the St. Peters municipal code and other city ordinances. This also includes various violations of city traffic laws.
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