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Learn More About Jackson County, MO

Named for President Andrew Jackson, Jackson County is the second most populous county in Missouri with approximately 663,000 residents. Jackson County was the home of former President Harry Truman. Today Jackson County is a thriving multi-ethnic community, with attractions such as Fort Osage, the Cave Springs Historic Site, and the Historic Truman Courthouse.

Many Jackson County lawyers have chosen to make this area their home. Jackson County lawyers bring their expertise to legal matters involving family, real estate, business, personal injury, and many other issues you may encounter.

Lawyers in Jackson County recently argued both sides of a dispute challenging a county ordinance regulating the adult entertainment industry. Owners of an adult entertainment business alleged the ordinance, which requires locked doors on video booths and employee criminal background checks, is a violation of their 1st Amendment free speech and 14th Amendment rights.

The Missouri judicial system consists of municipal courts, circuit courts, court of appeals, and the Missouri Supreme Court. Lawyers in Jackson County may argue their case in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, the Court of Appeals- Western District, or the Missouri Supreme Court. can help you to find a pre-screened Jackson County lawyer. Our LegalCenter contains tips on selecting the right attorney and contains information on various legal topics of interest. LegalMatch also allows you to locate and review the experience, availability, and price of pre-screened Jackson County attorneys before deciding which to contact. Let LegalMatch empower you in selecting your advocate.

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