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Learn More About Jefferson County, MO

Jefferson County is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Missouri. There are a number of beautiful parks in the area, such as the Jefferson Winter Park where many go to enjoy water activities like swimming, boating and fishing. There is also the Pleasant Valley Park, which is located in a more remote area of the county and provides visitors with great hiking trails.

If you have been served with legal papers in Jefferson County, there are also many talented Jefferson County lawyers ready to assist you. These legal professionals are skilled in a variety of areas of law such as DUI, criminal defense, civil rights, employment, business, divorce, estate planning, and more.

If you have a lawsuit that has been filed against you in Jefferson County, you will probably be required to make an appearance in the Jefferson County Courthouse. Going to court alone can be very imposing, but having a qualified local attorney at your side can make all the difference.

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