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Learn More About Lake St. Louis, MO

A relatively new community, Lake St. Louis was the brainchild of wealthy developers from St. Louis. Their original dream of a small weekend getaway developed into a full fledged town as neighboring St. Louis grew into a major metropolitan area. Lake St. Louis today is a quiet and vibrant suburb of St. Louis.
Lake St. Louis lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, family law, and many more.
Attorneys in Lake St. Louis recently settled a lawsuit over water rights for a new hotel development in the area. The water district was reluctant to agree to sewer hookups for the large new hotel and shopping center development, but Lake St. Louis attorneys successfully argued their client’s case and resolved the issue in their favor.
If you need an experienced Lake St. Louis lawyer, make sure you hire someone familiar with the St. Charles County Courts, part of Missouri’s 11th Judicial Circuit. Lake St. Louis also has its own Lake St. Louis Municipal court, primarily for traffic and minor criminal matters.
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