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Learn More About O'Fallon

O’Fallon is a suburban city in Saint Charles County, Missouri. It was ranked by Money Magazine as one of the “Best 100 Places to Live” in both 2006 and 2008, and was ranked second in the nation for job growth. O’Fallon is home to MasterCard’s Global Technology and Operations center as well as to CitiMortgage Headquarters, which employs over 4,700 people.

In October 2009, an O’Fallon company was sued by the EEOC on behalf of a former employee who said she was discharged for complaining about sexual harassment on the job. The lawsuit alleged that Trinity Products Inc. violated federal law when a supervisor sexually harassed Rebecca Holland and then fired her after she complained to managers. The EEOC is seeking compensation for Holland for lost wages and emotional distress, as well as a court order providing equal employment opportunities to Holland and other female employees. The suit was filed in federal U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, and the case is still pending.
Violations of federal law that occur within O’Fallon are brought before the Missouri Eastern District Court, located in St. Louis. All other cases are typically adjudicated by the Missouri state courts. At the local level, violations of traffic and other city ordinances are heard by the O’Fallon Municipal Court. The Eleventh Circuit Judicial Circuit Court, located in the city of Saint Charles, presides over all cases arising out of Saint Charles County.
The Eleventh Circuit Court is divided into multiple divisions. Felony cases are heard in Divisions 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. Misdemeanor cases are disposed of in Divisions 6, 8 and 11. The Drug Court is located in Division 11. The Court also includes a juvenile division, probate division, and family division.
Civil suits are separated into multiple divisions. Generally, civil cases involving less than $25,000 are heard by the Associate Circuit Court in division 12, and civil cases involving $25,000 or more are filed in the Circuit Civil Court in divisions 1, 2, 3, and 5. Cases seeking restraining orders and injunctions are generally also filed in the Circuit Civil Court. The Small Claims Court presides over claims of $3000 or less.
Whether your case is large or small, you will want an attorney in O’Fallon who is familiar with the Saint Charles County court system. Your lawyer’s familiarity with this court will be an important factor in your case going forward. Let match you with the best attorney for your case, simply visit our site and fill out our online questionnaire to begin your search.
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