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Learn More About Oakville

Oakville is a city within St. Louis County, Missouri, bordering both the Mississippi and Meramec rivers. It has a population of approximately 34,000 people.
In September 2009, three Oakville residents filed a class-action lawsuit against the St. Louis County trash district program, alleging that the county’s mandated trash service in unincorporated areas was illegal. The county had awarded contracts to three waste haulers, which plaintiffs claim violated state statutes for not providing a two year notice of the impending trash program, and violated its own statute for not putting the program to a public vote. The plaintiffs sought repayment of all fees collected by the hauling companies, which would amount to tens of millions of dollars. In January 2010, the County Circuit Court dismissed the lawsuit, but the plaintiffs intend on appealing to the state appellate court.
Cases arising out of Oakville are brought before the 21st Judicial Circuit Court, which oversees all of St. Louis County and adjudicates both civil and criminal cases. The Circuit Court is further divided into the probate division, family division, small claims division, and also contains an associate circuit, which hears civil matters involving amounts in controversy up to $25,000.
If you were to lose your case at the circuit level, you have the option of appealing to the state appellate court. The Eastern District Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over all matters being appealed from St. Louis County.
Decisions in the legal sphere – such as whether to bring a case, whether to settle, or whether to appeal – involve complex matters and may significantly affect your livelihood. Before you make any such decisions, it is always advisable to speak with a lawyer first. Oakville is home to many reputable lawyers specializing in all areas of law. LegalMatch regularly partners with many of these Oakville area attorneys and can match you, for free, to a skilled attorney with expertise in your legal issue. Visit our website to learn how to hire the right lawyer for you.
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