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Learn More About Independence, MO

Independence is home to over 110,000 people, making it the fourth most populous city in Missouri.  Independence serves as one of Jackson County’s two county seats, and falls at the heart of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Independence is filled with rich history.  Independence was affectionately nicknamed the “Queen City of the Trails,” because it served as a starting location of the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe Trails.  Independence was also at the center of the Latter Day Saint movement, and today serves as headquarters for The Community of Christ.  Many of the city’s most famous historic sites are located in the Independence town square.  Some of the most popular attractions include the old main courthouse, which served as Former President Harry Truman’s courtroom, and the old county jail, which has been refashioned into a delightful museum.

Recently, MO voters narrowly passed Proposition A, or The Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Initiative.  Prop A limited the number of casino licenses to 13, repealed the $500 loss limit, raised the casino gambling tax from 20 to 21%, and created an education fund from gambling taxes.  Representative Ray Salva of Sugar Creek is challenging Prop A and is drafting a bill that would increase casino gambling taxes to 2 %.  Supporters of Prop A claim that Missouri’s casinos are losing business due to restrictive laws, such as loss limits and voter ID requirements.  In October, the Cole County Circuit Court decided some of the issues raised by challengers of Prop A.  The Western District Court of Appeals is set to hear the remaining issues in late November, including allegations that Prop A violates the Missouri Constitution by containing more than one subject.  If the court rules against Salva in November, Salva plans to appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court.

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