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Learn More About Jefferson City, MO

Jefferson City is the capital of the State of Missouri and seat of Cole County. Jefferson was named after President Thomas Jefferson and plays host to 40,000 residents who live between the Ozark Plateau and the Missouri River. Among many other attractions, Jefferson City is a popular location for vintners to visit since it is at the edge of the Missouri Rhineland which produces much wine.
The capital city of Missouri obviously has a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with Jefferson City courts. Lawyers in Jefferson City offer to advise on a wide variety of cases such as bankruptcy, child support, criminal assault, immigration visa, and real property cases.
Recently in Jefferson City, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that they had arrested 113 people in a DWI sting over the weekend. While the number is down from the 131 arrested last year in the same sting, officials attributed the drop to poor weather and the increased police presence in Jefferson City. DWI offenders in Missouri face possible loss of license, heavy fines, and even jail time.
If you have pending DWI charges or are just looking to file a lawsuit, you will be heading to the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Jefferson City which serves Cole County. Missouri Circuit Courts exclusively responsible for hearing domestic relations, juvenile, criminal, small claims, and civil cases with no maximum amount. The U.S. Immigration Court for Missouri is located in Kansas City and has jurisdiction over all immigration cases.
LegalMatch is the easiest method of finding a good Jefferson City lawyer. LegalMatch is a free service and also offers research materials like the Law Library and Forums sections so that you can learn more about any given legal issue.
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