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Learn More About St. Charles, MO

The second oldest town west of the Mississippi river, St. Charles was Lewis and Clark’s last stop before embarking on their famous journey across our unexplored nation. The city is now the county seat of St. Charles County.

St. Charles lawyers can help you with criminal defense, personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, real estate, and any other legal issues.
For instance, St. Charles lawyers are currently on both sides of a real estate dispute in the county of St. Charles. Several homeowners bought land that did not include public right of way easements on its title. Sellers were allegedly aware of the defect and sold the land anyway, and the homeowners sued for breach of contract.
Cases such as this generally begin in the 11th Judicial Circuit of Missouri. Although any Missouri attorney is qualified to work within the state, different circuits have different rules. An experienced St. Charles lawyer will know the local rules, judges, and court staff, all of which could come in handy for your case in St. Charles.
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