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Learn More About Lee's Summit, MO

Lee’s Summit is 44th on the Money Magazine 100 best cities to live in the United States and plays host to 91,000 Missouri residents. Lee’s Summit extends into both Jackson and Cass Counties. As the 6th largest Missouri city, Lee’s Summit is a popular Kansas City suburb.

There are many lawyers in Lee’s Summit who know the local courts. Lawyers in Lee’s Summit advise their clients on many cases, some typical examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, civil lawsuit, green card immigration, divorce, and criminal cases such as theft and assault charges.

Recently, Lee’s Summit resident Conrad L. Vaca was arrested after allegedly going on a 15 day crime spree. The 16th Judicial Circuit Court issues an arrest warrant for Vaca and cited home for 6 counts of 1st degree burglary, 5 counts of felony theft, 3 counts of misdemeanor theft, and 4 counts of fraud. Vaca is the suspected robber in the rash of Lee’s Summit break-ins and robberies of automobiles and homes.

If you’re looking to file for divorce in Lee’s Summit then you will be heading to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court. Missouri Circuit Courts take a diverse range of cases but retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, civil, small claims, criminal, and juvenile cases among others.

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