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Learn More About Clay County, MO

“Little Dixie” lies on the western edge of Missouri and has a distinctive southern charm. Clay County is the birthplace of the legendary outlaw Jesse James and was also once the state’s leading producer of tobacco and hemp.

Clay County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing, including bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, real estate transactions, and any more.

Clay County attorneys must be members of the Missouri Bar Association. As lawyers, they not only offer their services to clients who need representation, but to the community. Many Clay County attorneys assist the Missouri Bar to educate the public about the legal process. The Clay County Bar Association runs programs like Missouri Legal Aid and Joint Speakers Bureau.

Attorneys in Clay County practice in Missouri’s 7th Judicial District. Each court in Missouri has its own special rules, and you will want to retain an attorney familiar with local Clay County court procedures, staff, and judges.

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