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Learn More About Hazelwood, MO

Hazelwood plays host to 26,000 St. Louis County residents. Hazelwood largely acts as a bedroom community to professionals who work in the City of St. Louis such as St. Louis lawyers, but  the cityhas recently  launched a campaign to attract more business and tourists. Hazelwood was incorporated in 1949 and has classically been a popular alternative to urban St. Louis.
Hazelwood is home to some outstanding lawyers who are familiar with local St. Louis County courts. Lawyers in Hazelwood are well acquainted with advising their clients on bankruptcy, child support, medical malpractice, DUI, and immigration visa cases.
Recently in Hazelwood, Marquicio Johnson was charged with first degree murder and child endangerment after allegedly burning and beating 2-year-old Orionis Barron Taylor. Johnson was supposed to be babysitting the child while his mother was working to support the two. The child was taken to the hospital by Johnson but was beaten and burned so badly that he died after a few days of slipping in and out of a coma. St. Louis County prosecutors said that the charges may be upgraded due to the atrocious nature of the crime.
If you have a case to file in Hazelwood then you will be heading to the St. Louis County Circuit Court. Missouri Circuit Courts are the highest level trial court with which you may file and retain exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, civil, small claims, and probate cases. If you have an immigration or citizenship issue then you will be heading to the U.S. Immigration Court in Kansas City. Bankruptcies are filed with the U.S. District Courts.
With any case it’s best to hire a seasoned professional like a Hazelwood lawyer. LegalMatch is an easy and free method of finding a Hazelwood lawyer who is guaranteed to be Bar certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.
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