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Learn More About Boone County, MO

Boone County is home to quite diverse cities, from small rural towns to larger metropolitan areas. The city of Columbia is the county seat of Boone County, and is also the thirteenth most highly educated city in the United States with over half of the population possessing at least a bachelor’s degree, and over a quarter having a graduate degree. Boone County is home to the University of Missouri which offers more than 270 undergraduate, professional, and graduate degrees.
If you need legal assistance in Boone County, there are many  Boone County lawyers available to represent you in your lawsuit. There are many areas of law that these attorneys are skilled in, including personal injury, divorce, child custody, real estate, bankruptcy, nuisance, and more.
The University of Missouri in Boone County recently settled a lawsuit brought by the parents of a 19 year old red shirt freshman who died in a voluntary practice with the school’s football team. The suit alleged that the Boone County school’s football coaches did not take adequate steps to diagnose the player, and did not notice the symptoms that led to the player’s death shortly after the practice. The suit also alleged that the school failed to take medical precautions required by the player’s sickle cell trait. A Boone County judge must approve the settlement before it becomes official.
The State of Missouri is divided into forty-five judicial circuits. Boone County is served by the 13th Judicial Circuit. This Circuit has trial level courts that hear almost every case that arises in Boone County, and your case will most likely pass through this Circuit. An experienced Boone County attorney who knows this venue is the right person to help you with your lawsuit.
If you need help finding the right Boone County lawyer to represent you, your first stop should be We offer a unique service that matches you and your legal matters with qualified local attorneys who are experienced in the areas of law that are pertinent to your case. LegalMatch also gives you unique information such as attorney profiles and past client reviews to assist you in your decision of which legal professional to hire.
For more information about the laws and courts in Boone County, you can visit the following links. If you would like to read more about the laws surrounding your case, you can visit our LegalCenter.

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