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Learn More About Joplin, MO

Joplin is a city straddling the borders of Jasper County and Newton County, in southwest Missouri. Named for the Reverend Harris Joplin, the founder of the area’s first Methodist congregation, Joplin was founded in 1873, and during WWII, grew rapidly, mainly due to nearby zinc mining, though its economic growth slowed significantly at the end of the war, when the price of Zinc collapsed.
Thanks to its proximity to two major interstate highways, Joplin is now a major stopping point for travelers. Although it is moderately-sized with a population of just under 50,000 people, Joplin has nearly 2,500 hotel rooms in the city limits.
Where there are people, there are laws, and where there are laws, there are lawyers. Joplin is no exception. Joplin lawyers practice just about every area of law that can be practiced, from personal injury to criminal defense to intellectual property.
Recently, a former Jasper County Administrator was named in a lawsuit involving a 2006 fire at the Anderson Guest House that killed 11 people at the residential care facility. The former administrator was the guardian of one of the victims of the fire. The lawsuit names over 50 defendants.
The facts of this particular case are extreme, and cases of this nature are rare, but it shows that for some of the attorneys in Joplin, Missouri, no case is too big or too small. However, finding the right Joplin, Missouri lawyer can be a difficult and intimidating process for the average person. Thankfully, is here to help. With LegalMatch, you simply need to describe your legal problem, and they will put you in touch with a pre-screened Joplin Attorney. The service is fast, free, and confidential.
If you aren’t quite ready to speak with a Joplin Lawyer, you may wish to learn a little more about the laws affecting your case. You can do that with the LegalMatch Law Library, which contains over 4,000 articles on almost every area of law.

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