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Gainesville is the county seat of Hall County and has a population under 30,000. Gainesville is well known for its large number of chicken processing plants and has sometimes been referred to as the chicken capital of the world. Gainesville is also the home of Xavier Roberts, the inventor of the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Gainesville GA Lawyers

When you have been injured, or have some other need to file a lawsuit, you should probably speak to one of the talented Gainesville lawyers. These attorneys represent their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, tax, employment, labor, DUI, criminal defense, alimony, automobile accidents and more.
A Gainesville hospital was recently sued by a number of plaintiffs that all claimed that the hospital was overcharging uninsured patients. The lawsuit was one of a number of lawsuits that have recently been filed against hospitals around the nation. The lawsuit against the Gainesville hospital claimed that the medical facility admitted uninsured patients, charged inflated rates for various procedures, and then aggressively sought payment.
When you are ready to start your legal proceeding in Gainesville, you will probably report to the Hall County Superior Court which is located in the Hall County Courthouse. If you are filing for bankruptcy, you will have to report to the Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court which is also located in Gainesville. A local attorney can help you prepare for trial by making sure that all of your legal documents are in order and also by assisting you in collecting all the necessary evidence for your case.
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