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Learn More About Columbus, GA

A center of industry before and after the Civil War, Columbus is now experiencing a modern resurgence. New downtown building projects, infrastructure spending, and the refurbishment of the city’s renowned Spring Opera House have made Columbus one of Georgia’s fastest growing cities.
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Columbus is the county seat of Muscogee County. Columbus lawyers practice in Columbus’ Superior, State, and Juvenile Courts. Although any Georgia attorney is technically qualified to practice anywhere in the state, Columbus lawyers are more familiar with local court rules, staff, judges, and other local Columbus attorneys. This local knowledge may come in handy in efficiently representing your interests.
Columbus lawyers practice in criminal law, personal injury law, real estate transactions, bankruptcy law, and a variety of other fields. Attorneys in Columbus recently represented a man and his wife who were injured by a fire truck that struck their car. The firemen operating the engine tested positive for cocaine only 1 hour after the accident. Although state law may have limited the possible damages in the case to $100,000, the city settled for almost double the amount before trial.
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