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How Do I Find a Lawyer in Michigan?

Finding a lawyer when you have a legal issue or dispute can sometimes be difficult.  The task of finding a lawyer can be made easier by using an attorney referral service.

There are many different types of attorney referral services to choose from in the state of Michigan.  To begin with, the State Bar of Michigan operates a Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) program.  Persons with legal questions can obtain a lawyer referral through this program.  However, this state bar program only offers one attorney referral per request or inquiry. 

For more specific legal issues, you may also try legal organizations that are more directed in scope.  In addition to the general state bar of Michigan, the state also recognizes what are known as “special purpose bar associations”.  Some of these include the Michigan Intellectual Property Law Association, or Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan.  While these organizations are usually smaller in size, some of them offer referrals to attorneys in specific areas of law.

Also, most counties in Michigan have an independent bar associations that offer lawyer referral services.  A few of the larger county bar associations include the Marquette County Bar Association and the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association.  Lawyer referral services in these groups may be limited to the particular geographic area that they serve. 

Some lawyer referral serves operate independently of bar associations.  These may also be categorized according to region or according to the area of law.  However, almost all referral organizations are maintained through fees for the services they offer.  For instance, you may be charged a small fee in exchange for an attorney’s phone number, and the attorney may also charge you for a short initial consultation. 

Also, the list of attorneys that each referral service maintains is usually dependent on the organization’s size and purpose.  Larger groups will tend to maintain a more extensive database of lawyer information.  Every attorney referral service must abide by Professional Rules of Conduct.  These rules establish uniform standards when it comes to legal referrals and attorney qualifications; you may wish to consult these rules if you have questions about a lawyer referral program.  
Consulting several different lawyer referral services can help improve your chances of finding the right attorney.  However you decide to find a Michigan lawyer you should consider using LegalMatch first, as there is no cost to use the service and it is 100% confidential. You can also visit websites like Lawyer Referral Services, which allows viewers to compare several attorney referral programs in Michigan. 

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