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The city of Hamden has a rich history, many parts of which helped shape how the nation developed. In the late 1700s, just after he started manufacturing the cotton gin, Eli Whitney established a new mill in Hamden from which he produced arms for the U.S. Government. It was at this Hamden mill that Whitney first introduced the concept of interchangeable parts, an integral part of the nation’s industrial development. Today, the main road through Hamden is named in Eli Whitney’s honor, and the mill where Whitney worked has been transformed into a popular museum.

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When officials at Quinnipiac University in Hamden announced that the school was dropping men’s golf, outdoor track, and woman’s volleyball, the volleyball team was quite depressed. Although the Hamden area school also announced that it would honor athletic scholarships for the remainder of the year, the woman’s team decided to file a lawsuit against the school in an attempt to stop the school from shutting down the programs. With the help of the local ACLU chapter, the volleyball team and its coach are hoping that they will get to continue to play the sport they love.
If you have a lawsuit that arose in Hamden, you will most likely have to go to the New Haven Judicial District Court, which is located nearby in New Haven. This court is broken down into different divisions, each of which has the jurisdiction to hear specific types of cases. A local Hamden attorney can help you figure out which division your case will be in.
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