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Learn More About Englewood, CO

Englewood is a South Platte River Valley city that is home to 32,000 Arapahoe County, Colorado residents. Englewood is south of Denver and a number of residents commute to work in the city. Englewood prides itself on being self-sufficient with park, library, and public works and even provides snowplow service to nearby municipalities.
A number of citizens are Englewood lawyers who have experience with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Englewood advise clients on a wide range of cases from divorce, bankruptcy, and DUI to wrongful termination, real estate, and contract cases.
Local Englewood resident James Curtis Craig III was accused of inappropriately touching a teen gymnast during a training exercise. Curtis has been charged with sexual assault on a child and unlawful sexual contact. Craig was previously arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and third-degree sexual assault. In Englewood, Craig had been arrested previously for indecent exposure, a case that is still pending in Arapahoe County.
If you have a lawsuit or restraining order in Englewood, you will probably be visiting the Arapahoe County’s 18th Judicial District Court which retains jurisdiction over domestic relations and juvenile cases, however, they can also adjudicate on other matters like civil and criminal cases. District courts are the highest level trial courts with which to file in Colorado. The U.S. Immigration Court in Denver can handle any immigration issues like visa and citizenship issues that you may face.
LegalMatch is a free pairing service that supplies a selection of Englewood lawyers straight to you. You may want to read our tips on selecting a lawyer before you select the one for your case. All of LegalMatch’s Englewood lawyers are Colorado bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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