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Learn More About Lafayette, CO

Lafayette is a home rule municipality located in Boulder County, Colorado. The 2005 population estimate for Lafayette is just over 23,000 residents. Lafayette was founded in 1878 by Mary Miller, and her husband, Lafayette. The town was incorporated in 1890, and quickly became part of a coal-mining boom that the area experienced, and by 1914 it was a bustling city. By the 1950s, coal mining was in decline, as natural gas became a more popular fuel source. However, Lafayette remains a thriving community, with an economy based in part on tourism. Its cultural and commercial center can be found in the newly revitalized Old Town District.
It appears that a major legal battle over the takeover of secular hospitals by a Catholic organization in the Denver and Lafayette area could erupt at any moment. Currently, there are talks for a Catholic-based healthcare services provider to take over several hospitals run by a secular non-profit organization. The main concern over this possible takeover is the fact that some Catholic-run hospitals stopped offering comprehensive family planning care.
Whatever the result of this case, you can be sure that both sides will employ excellent lawyers from the Denver and Lafayette area, and it shows that lawyers who are knowledgeable about healthcare law will likely be in high demand in the near future.
State law cases in Lafayette are likely to be heard in the Boulder County Court, which is a county division of the Colorado state court system. Federal cases will be heard by the United States District court for the District of Colorado.
With the complicated legal issues that anybody can face unexpectedly, you will want a lawyer who can navigate these legal systems easily, so he or she has the time to focus on the substance of your case.
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