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Learn More About Larimer County, CO

Larimer County was named after William Larimer, Jr., the man who founded Denver, and is believed to have never set foot in the county. Larimer County has many national and state parks such as the Roosevelt National Forest, the Rawah Wilderness, and the Boyd Lake State Park. The county is also home to the Lindenmeier Site National Historic Landmark which is a prehistoric site.
If you need legal help in Larimer County, there are many talented Larimer County lawyers who are ready to assist you. These legal professionals are skilled in areas of law like personal injury, divorce, tax, head injuries, real estate, wills, alimony, DUI, burglary, and many more.
A former prison inmate and murder suspect has recently sued Larimer County and Fort Collins for malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment. The man accuses Larimer County and the city of falsely prosecuting him for the murder and molestation of a woman in 1987. The woman was found in a field near the man’s trailer home that he shared with his father. The police spent 10 years investigating the crime before prosecuting the man in 1998 for the crime he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old. After his conviction was upheld by the highest courts in the state, the man spent nearly a decade in prison before a judge overturned his conviction based on newly acquired DNA evidence.
When you are ready to file your legal motion or lawsuit in Larimer County, you will probably have to go to the Larimer County Justice Center which holds the Larimer County District Court. The local attorneys regularly practice in this court and can use their knowledge to your benefit.
When you are tired of cold calling Larimer County attorneys to see if they will take your case, you should visit We are a website that specializes in matching your case to attorneys in your area that have the skills to effectively represent you. We also know how important your security is which is why we keep your information strictly confidential and also pre-screen every attorney we work with to make sure they are in good standing with the state bar.
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