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Located at the foot of the Rockies, Golden has successfully straddled its big city industry and small town cultural identities since its inception over 200 years ago. The county seat of Jefferson County, Golden is also the home of the Coors Brewing Company, who operates the world’s largest brewery near the city.
Golden lawyers can assist you in any legal issue you may be facing, and they won’t cost their weight in gold. If you have a case in criminal law, personal injury law, family law, immigration, bankruptcy, or any other legal issue, a lawyer in Golden is ready to help.
Attorneys in Golden are currently suing the private management group contracted to operate the city’s prized museum. City officials and their attorneys are alleging that the museum curators are mishandling these important artifacts, damaging them or even worse removing items without the city’s permission.
This case and many others begin in the Jefferson County Courts. Attorneys in Golden will be familiar with these courts, as well as court staff, judges, and local lawyers. This local familiarity may assist you in favorably resolving your case, regardless of whether it ever goes to court. is your best online resource to find an experienced Golden lawyer that is ready to represent you. After answering a few basic background questions about your case, our online database will match you to local attorneys in Golden specializing in your legal issue. Our service is absolutely free and your information always remains totally confidential.
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