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Located in Broomfield County, Colorado, Broomfield is a suburb of Denver and claims a population of about 45,000. Home to Sun Microsystems, Broomfield’s economy is driven by technology.   In addition to Sun, Level 3 Communications and Corporate Express are also headquartered in Broomfield. Since Broomfield was formerly served by four different courts in different counties, city leaders and voters alike clamored for the creation of Broomfield County to consolidate the courts in one location and improve judicial service for its residents. In 1998, the Colorado State Constitution was amended to create a new county. Broomfield County was “conceived” in 2001.
A case gaining notoriety in Broomfield is the story of Kelly Shannon, a 13-year old runaway whose body was found in January 2009. She was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Alexander Panchero. In May 2009, after searching Panchero’s home computer, investigators found evidence in which Panchero admitted to killing Shannon as well as his fascination with necrophilia. Panchero, 18 years of age, was picked up after he bragged to his friends about killing Shannon, raping her dead body and dumping her remains in an irrigation ditch. Panchero will face trial for first degree murder and child abuse; the case is currently pending in Adams County court.
In Colorado, depending upon the legal matter, your case will either begin in County or District Court. County Courts hear cases alleging damages less than $15,000, small claims, misdemeanors, and felony charges. However, felony cases may be referred to District Court. District Courts hear cases related to domestic relations, juvenile, probate, mental health and criminal charges. Broomfield is part of the 17th Judicial District of the State Court system and is located at 17 Descombes Drive.
For assistance in finding a Broomfield lawyer, LegalMatch is your best online resource. Our free service will match you with a local attorney in good standing with the Colorado Bar, and with experience with your type of case. LegalMatch has pre-selected Broomfield lawyers who are experienced in different legal proceedings ranging from criminal defense, family and real estate law as well as other legal matters.
The following websites offer additional legal resources for people in Broomfield:
·         Broomfield County Court – 17th Judicial District
·         Broomfield County Legal Resources
·         Law Libraries Available to Broomfield Residents

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