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Learn More About Fort Collins, CO

It is no wonder that Money Magazine rated Fort Collins the best place to live in 2006 and second in 2008. Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, billionaires, artists, and the top professional bull rider in the U.S.

Fort Collins is not only one of the best places to live but also one the best places to find a great lawyer. Fort Collins lawyers specialize in real estate law, immigration law, personal injury cases and business law.

Recently in a Fort Collins resident was sentenced by a Larimer County judge to ten years in prison for securities fraud involving a business of fake music kiosks.  The fraud totaled just over $3 million dollars. If the Fort Collins man is able to pay the money back the judge said that she would consider shortening his sentence.

Lawyers in Fort Collins are ready and willing to assist you with your specific legal issue. Fort Collins attorneys are familiar with the Larimer County Municipal and District combined court. The Larimer County Municipal Court has limited jurisdiction to misdemeanors, traffic infractions, small claims, and civil cases. The Larimer Country District Court handles most cases including criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, in conjunction with land and water issues. Both courts are held in the Larimer County Justice Center in Fort Collins which offers online e-file resources; however, it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer that specializes in your case.

The best way to find the right lawyer for you is through LegalMatch. LegalMatch allows you to type in your case information which is then sent to local pre-screened lawyers in Fort Collins anonymously. Experienced lawyers will review your case and quote a price for you. Afterward you will be able to select the lawyer that you think is the best fit for your case, saving you time and headache.

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