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Learn More About Aurora, CO

The large and rapidly growing community of Aurora, Colorado may soon rival Denver as the state’s most populous city as more Denver lawyers and other white collar employees choose Aurora’s suburban charm over Denver’s gritty urban atmosphere. Split between two counties, Aurora residents have even declined the opportunity to form their own county due to concerns of a restraint on the city’s growth.

Marijuana Laws in Aurora, Colorado

As of January 1st, 2014, recreational marijuana retail stores became legal in Aurora, Colorado and can be legally sold in retail stores around Colorado. Aurora and surrounding counties in the state of Colorado now have rules and regulations about the marijuana laws and residents in Aurora should be aware of the new laws and regulations to avoid any criminal charges.

The marijuana laws in the Colorado and Aurora areas should be studied and understood. If you have more questions about the use of marijuana in Aurora, Colradado and surrounding areas within the state of Colorado and Colorado areas, it can be helpful to contact an attorney to help you navigate about the new Colorado and Aurora laws and regulations.

Getting Legal Assistance in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora is home to a large number of experienced and qualified Aurora lawyers. These attorneys can represent you in many diverse areas of law including: personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more.  Many Aurora attorneys regularly have cases referred to them by Denver lawyers.

Aurora straddles two counties, so Aurora attorneys will be familiar with the court systems of Arapahoe County and Adams County. Which court you go to may be determined by where you live, what type of case you have, and where your case occurred.

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Find a Lawyer in Aurora, Colorado can help you find the right Aurora lawyer for your case. Our free service has done the homework on attorneys in your area. We know what their specialties are, we know their case history, and we can begin matching you with them in only 15 minutes, completely free of charge. Don’t fly blind on this important decision, let help you find the right advocate for your case. For more information on Colorado attorneys and the law of Colorado, visit our website, or explore the following links:

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