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Learn More About Northglenn, CO

Northglenn, CO is a home rule municipality located in Adams County, Colorado. This municipality structure allows the city to govern itself and hear cases in their municipal court.
Northglenn Municipal Court handles criminal, parking, traffic, and cases relating to ordinances of the city. If you have a lawsuit you are ready to file you will most likely go to the Adams County Justice Center. However, if you are filing a case dealing with domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, or probate, you will go to the 17th District Court, located in nearby Brighton.
Two Northglenn residents were recently arrested and charged with second degree murder at the Adams County Justice Center, following a street fight in Northglenn. Hiring the right local attorney makes all of the difference in defendants facing criminal trials and can help you gather the necessary evidence to make your trial successful. Northglenn attorneys practice in a variety of areas of the law, including DUI, divorce, criminal matters, immigration, and bankruptcy.
If you need help finding a bar certified Northglenn lawyer for your case, is here for you. We offer you a free online service that can match you with attorneys in your area that are skilled in the laws that apply to your situation. And because we know how important you security is, all the information that you submit will remain strictly confidential.
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