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Learn More About Wheat Ridge, CO

Wheat Ridge in Jefferson County is a western suburb of the state capital of Denver. The city, with an estimated 31,000 inhabitants in 2018, developed from a rest stop for those who were traveling west to find their luck in the California Gold Rush. Over sixty-five percent (65%) of the current population of Wheat Ridge are workers in professional capacities, which include the corporate, service, manufacturing and transportation sectors.

Although agricultural production was more prevalent in Wheat Ridge before the 1960s (hence the name), its proximity to Denver has slowly led its urbanization and gentrification of its residents. Today, some form of urban gardening is still being practiced in the city, which can be attributed to the enthusiastic support of the local government. Under a city ordinance, the establishment of gardens, farmers’ markets and produce stands are encouraged. Six farms operate in the city, including one that sells organic produce.

An interesting fact about Wheat Ridge is that it is a home-rule city. This means that it has a local constitution for self-governance, in accordance with Dillon’s Rule. Under home rule, Wheat Ridge has a hired manager to carry out the mandate and policies of an elected council. In a 2017 economic profile published by the county, it boasts of a highly-educated populace, with 42% having bachelor’s and higher graduate degrees.

Wheat Ridge has no large universities but there are specialty schools such as the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design and the Pacific College of Allied Health. Those looking to complete pre-law courses may do so at the nearby University of Colorado Denver and Regis University. Only two law schools offer legal degrees in the state of Colorado, producing the majority of the state’s legal professionals. These are the University of Colorado Boulder and Sturm College of Law, University of Denver.

Wheat Ridge has a good number of attorneys specializing in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Real Estate. If you feel that you need to acquire the services of one, Legalmatch can provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer suited to your particular needs. Simply choose a category from the dropdown menu and enter your zip code or location here.

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